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Chris Beavans
United States

I am 25 and like to play Minecraft when I have free time to do so. My current Minecraft project is Rail-X5 and eventually rebuild statues of ALL the players I know in Minecraft (currently close to 450 players!). I will also post Minecraft renders from time to time. In addition to Minecraft i'll post photos of the local park in my area or photos of COTA buses (the local transit system). Given my busy life I am only able to upload 2 days a week so don't be surprised if I post a lot of stuff in a short time. If you give me a lama, I will likely give you a lama in return. I will also watch for a watch if anyone asks. Finally any trolls that may stir up trouble will get blocked so don't start trolling. or you will end up like this cake
make animated gifs like this at MakeaGif

You can find me on YouTube too, just click the link and sub :)…

My new Blog

Stamp Collection
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Station Bound - Part 2
Contiueation of…

We last left off with "Elf_City", Paleodraw, herr and auto stopped infront of some Members of the Crimson Cult and a few crimson portals.

Elf_City: This is the last thing we need right now. With Orion missing, there is nothing Ezio can do to stop them.
Paleodraw: What exactly is the Crimson Cult?
Elf_City: If the crimson cult in this world is anything like the Crimson Cult was in my world then they are a cult of evil. They Attack minecraftians and players alike if they think they pose a threat.
Herr: What do we do now?

2 knights walk up to the bus. One of the knights uses a modified thaumometer (a clock in the render as I cant get a thaumometer into mineimator) to scan the bus. When the knight is finished scanning he calls out to a cleric. The other knight walks up to the door as Elf City thinks up a plan to get away from the Cult.

Knight (scanning): No Taint anywhere on this bus, just a failing lithium Ion Battery.
Elf_City: OK when I exit the bus, Paleodraw you close the doors behind me. Ill try and lead them away from here and get them confused. Ill then come back around and get us out of here.

Knight: *knocks on bus door* Were not here to cause trouble Elf_City. Were here to make sure no one else is tainted and make sure there is no taint anywhere on MCTA property.
Elf City: How can I Believe you!?
Knight: If it weren't for the fact we came to check in on the prototype we left here for Tape. then you'd likely all be either dead or be a tainted form of your self and spreading taint everywhere.

The Cleric walks up and joins the conversation.

Cleric: Any Trouble?
Knight: Elf_City thinks were up to no good.
Cleric: Were telling you the truth. We Came here to check in on the prototype only to be here when someone forced open an inter dimensional rift and released a bunch of tainted crawlers into the mechanics barn. We quickly killed off all the crawlers but one got into a bus that Tape was sleeping in and bit him. Taint immediately appeared on the area where he was bitten and we had to take him back to our base to prevent the taint from spreading and to keep Tape as well as you guys from harm. Were here today after someone tipped us off about a tainted node somewhere on or near MCTA Property.

Tape's Friends and Elf_City could only stair in shock after hearing what the cleric said, when Hypixel pulls up in a training bus and jumps out.

Hypixel: I need your help fast! Our training instructor has suddenly become ill after eating a cheeseburger.

To Be Continued...
Some new Songs I recently picked up... (And Most likely you have never heard of any of these songs before)

(This song gave me an idea for a future part of my Orion Story ;) )
NPC Villagers are Dumb #12
Is this a Village or did the NPCs set up an extra fancy Camp??? (Guess what is missing that makes it a village!)
NPC Villagers are dumb #11
Sometimes you don't need a whole village to have one Dumb NPC. This Geologist made a poor choice for his laboratory. Watch that first Step, and Keep away from the Crimson Cult! (they are nearby too)
I decided to get a tumblr account to cut down on the massive list of book marks i have on chrome. You can find me here:…

I will post Minecraft stuff, Transit bus stuff (not just limited to MCTA or COTA) and tons and tons of fantasy related stuff as well as all sorts of interesting stuff

Also there is a music player on there filled with different songs which created in the playlist that plays on there represent my ever chaotic at times but 

I will also blog about awesome creations made by my friends :)
Some new Songs I recently picked up... (And Most likely you have never heard of any of these songs before)

(This song gave me an idea for a future part of my Orion Story ;) )


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